Chinese Evergreen Care

Chinese Evergreen Care

Chinese Evergreens are some of the easier plants to care for as they can tolerate pretty much any indoor environment you put them in! They're slow growing and have beautiful leaf patterns, perfect for home (or office) decor.



These plants can tolerate any level of sunlight (minus direct as it can scorch their leaves) however if you have a colorful/variegated variety you'll want to put it in a place with more indirect light to preserve the vibrancy.


Like most plants, wait until the top two inches of soil are dry before watering.


Loos & nutrient rich soil is always a safe bet with these plants. Good drainage will help avoid root rot in the case of overwatering.

Temperature & Humidity

Any household temperature/humidity you put these plants in will be just fine. If you find the tips of their leaves turning brown, they could be a little dry so increasing humidity is a quick fix!


The plants don't require to much fertilization so any fertilizer you prefer to use will be fine for it during the warmer growing months.

NOT Plant Friendly!


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