Cactus Care

Cactus Care

What's not to love about a good ol' cactus? They're super easy to care for and a nice touch of decor for your home!


Cacti love bright indirect light, while some varieties can handle direct light, be careful as with any plant it could scorch it!


Contrary to popular belief Cacti do need to be watered! They are drought resistant so if you forget a watering here or there, they are forgiving. Wait until the soil is completely dried out before giving them a drink, and when you do make sure you give them a good one.


Like succulents, cacti need a soil medium that provides them with really good drainage, such as a chunky soil.

Temperature & Humidity

Cacti like the warmer weather and drier conditions (think desert) so keeping them out of drafts and excess humidity is ideal.


Liquid fertilizer monthly should do the trick to help new growth!


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