Aloe Care

Aloe Care

Aloe plants are some of the best plants for beginner plant parents because of how low maintenance they are. They are also great to have around as they're well known for treating minor burns.


Aloes love bright indirect light, but too direct can burn them!


Aloe plants are very forgiving when it comes to watering. You should wait until the soil is completely dry before giving it a drink, you can even forget about them for a few days and it be ok! However when you do get to watering, make sure you give them a good soak.


Succulents in general need their soil to allow for more drainage (chunky soil!!) because it is very easy to overwater these plants and cause root rot.

Temperature & Humidity

Aloe plants love their warmer weather, this means if inside, keep them away from drafts and in a place with a consistent room temperature.

Also try to give your Aloe a nice dry environment!


Because Aloes are so low maintenance you can get away with rarely fertilizing these plants, but they do enjoy it every one in a while. We prefer liquid fertilization with watering, but there are a lot of good options out there!

NOT Plant Friendly!


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