Calathea Care

Calathea Care

While one of the most difficult plants to care for, Calatheas are one of the most rewarding when you get the hang of it! Their leaves are full of color and beautiful patterns and they also move throughout the day to better absorb the sun's light. The leaves will lift up in the night, and lower during the day!



Calatheas do best in medium to bright indirect light and are very sensitive to scorching caused by direct sun. Low light is also ok, but to maintain the vivid color of their leaf, more light is better.


Calatheas are very picky when it comes to watering. Like most plants, water when the top soil is dry to the touch, they are thirsty plants but you should still wait between watering to avoid rotting. They are also sensitive to the type of water you give them. Tap water contains many minerals that can actually be harmful to their leaves so it's best to use filtered or distilled water. You can try to give them regular tap water, but brown edges on their leaves is a good sign it's time to switch!


Calatheas need a soil with lots of nutrients and really good drainage to avoid rot.

Temperature & Humidity

Calatheas are tropical plants so they like warm weather with high humidity, so keep them moist and out of drafts!


Fertilizing is always a great way to promote plant growth. We like to use a diluted liquid fertilizer when we water, but there are a lot of good options!

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