Air Plant Care

Air Plant Care

Have you ever heard of a plant that doesn't need any soil? Now you have! Air plants are epiphytes which mean they rely on the air for moisture and other plants for nutrients (in nature of course)


Air plants need 6-8 hours of bright indirect light or they could lose their vibrancy and color!


The easiest way to water your air plants is to put them in a bowl of (room temp) water and let them sit for 10-15 minutes. After watering, we like to dry them overnight upside down to prevent rot. If you live somewhere drier, misting will help them not dry out between waterings.

Temperature & Humidity

Air plants like it warmer but do just fine in normal household temperatures. They love humidity so make sure you keep them moist by misting or using a humidifer.


How do we fertilize air plants? Give them a spritz with a mist bottle and diluted liquid fertilizer or put some in the bowl you soak them in!

Plant Friendly!


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